Board of Supervisors
Board of Supervisors


Chair:  Rebecca K. Boehmer (center)

Vice Chairman:  Thomas Scott (second from left)

Secretary:  Stephen J. Cordaro (second from right)

Supervisors:  Nora F. Blair (far-left)

                      Robert Cassel (far-right)


As a Township of the Second Class, South Hanover is governed by a Board of Supervisors.  This Board is comprised of five Township residents elected at large to a staggered, six year term.  The Board of Supervisors major duties include, but are not limited to, making policy, levy taxes, authorizing of expenditures and directing the Administrative Staff of the Township.



Please note that Board Minutes are being provided in electronic format for the convenience of our Residents. On occasion, changes may be approved after draft versions have been posted. The official copy of approved minutes are always available at the Township Office for your viewing.