Public Participation

You can help in many ways! If you are interested in working with the Township to increase public awareness or get involved in one of our public participation programs (a few are outlined below), please call us at 717-566-0224. 


  • Stenciling Inlets: Stenciling storm drain inlets within neighborhoods and developments can create more awareness with our residents, especially children. This is particularly impactful because it is a hands-on project for those who are involved, but also one that leaves behind a visual reminder to everyone that notices the drains stamped with catchy phrases like “Only Rain Down the Drain” or “Drains to Stream, Keep it Clean.” This can also be effective in encouraging our residents to keep watch of what is flowing into our drains and waterways, a critical objective of our Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination program. Additional assistance from residents can help identify pollutants early and initiate a prompt cleanup response from the Township and/or emergency responders.


  • Distributing Educational Information