Tax Collector-Tracy Cooper (2014-2017)
Tax Collector-Tracy Cooper (2014-2017)


South Hanover Township Tax Overview

Dauphin County/South Hanover Township Real Estate Tax
County/township real estate taxes were mailed to homeowners on February 1, by Dauphin County Tax Assessment Office. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to send a copy of their tax bill to their mortgage company, if appropriate. The bill spans the timeframe January 1, through December 31. The amount of your county/township real estate tax is calculated by using approved millage rates and the assessed value of your property. Please call Dauphin County Assessment Office if you have questions concerning the assessed value of your property. 717-780-6101

Interim Real Estate Taxes
If you recently renovated your home or your home is newly constructed, you could receive interim tax bills for county/township and/or school real estate taxes. Interim bills are essentially a back-billing for the number of months which you had use of your newly constructed home/renovation, but the increase in assessment was not included in a previous county/township and/or school real estate tax bill.

Lower Dauphin School District Personal Tax
July 1, the Lower Dauphin School District will mail personal tax bills to all residents who are 18 years of age or older. The flat rate is $265, regardless of property ownership. The personal tax bill spans the time period of July 1, through June 30, and is comprised of an occupation tax, $250; school per capita tax, $10; and South Hanover per capita tax, $5. Residents can be exempt from the occupation portion of the bill if they are over 70 years of age, a full-time student, earn less then $6000 of Pennsylvania income or are part of the clergy. Exemption forms can be found at the South Hanover Township Building or can be downloaded from the Lower Dauphin School District web site:
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click/print occupation exemption form
The exempted amount due with a completed form is $14.70, if postmarked by August 31; $15 if postmarked by October 31; and 16.50 if postmarked by December 31.
You can be completely exonerated from your Lower Dauphin personal tax obligation if you are active military, have paid an occupation/per capita tax to your previous school district or if you do not consider South Hanover Township your primary residence. Please e-mail or call for acceptable forms of documentation.

Lower Dauphin School District Real Estate Tax
July 1, the LowerDauphinSchool District will mail real estate taxes to property owners. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to send a copy of their tax bill to their mortgage company, if appropriate. The bill spans the timeframe July 1, through June 30. The amount of your school real estate tax is calculated by using the approved millage rate and the assessed value of your property. Please call Dauphin County Assessment Office if you have questions concerning the assessed value of your property. 717-780-6101

The fastest way to get an answer to your questions or to make arrangements to see me in person is to e-mail me at the address listed on your tax bill - You may also call 717-566-2769 at any time and leave a voice message, if I’m not available. An comprehensive explanation of the personal and real estate taxes in South Hanover Township/ Dauphin County and Lower Dauphin School District is posted under the “Tax Information” tab on the South Hanover Township web site,

Hours at the Township Office are most Thursdays from 4:30-5:30, or by appointment, please call 717-566-2769 for updates. Payments can be mailed or made to me in person. *Please note: Due to bonding regulations, Township employees cannot accept tax payments.

Local Income Tax

2012 Local Earned Income Taxes (E.I.T. & L.S.T.) 

The local income tax collection agency for 2012, is Keystone Collections.

Beginning January 2012, South Hanover Township's collector for the earned income tax (EIT) and local services tax (LST) is the Keystone Collections Group, telephone number (888) 328-0558, web site  Tax payments may be mailed to the Keystone Collections Group, Suite 155, Vartan Way, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

2011 Local Earned Income Taxes

Local income tax forms and questions relevant to the filing of your 2011, 1% local income tax should be directed to the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (LCTCB). Forms can be downloaded from their web site. 717-569-4521 or

Homestead/Farmstead Act
Applications and information related to the Pennsylvania Tax Payer Relief Act, under the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Program can be obtained by calling Dauphin County Tax Assessment Office, 717-780-6101.

Excess casino profits are used to fund this program. To qualify, the following must apply to your property:
-the property must be your primary residence
-you or your spouse cannot receive a homestead tax reduction from any other county or state
-if you have an in-home business, the percentage of your home that is your primary residence is the percentage of the homestead reduction you will receive
-if you own a farm, your home and outside buildings will qualify for the reduction, but the farmland will not.

The Homestead/Farmstead Act reduction will appear in a gray box in the center of your Lower Dauphin School Real Estate tax bill and will be clearly marked “homestead reduction”.
Questions about the homestead/farmstead act should be directed to Dauphin County Tax Assessment Office. 717-780-6101

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program
The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program benefits eligible residents age 65 and older; widows and widowers age 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older. If you qualified for last year, a claim form should automatically be sent to you. Property Tax/Rent Rebate booklets are available at the township building, through Senator Piccola's Office (717-787-6801) or the Department of Aging ( 1-888-728-2937). To check the status of an existing rebate or information exclusively about the rebate program call 1-800-772-5246.

Delinquent Tax Bills

Unpaid real estate tax bills will be referred to Dauphin County Tax Claim. Payment information can be obtained by calling them directly at 717-780-6125.

Unpaid personal tax bills are referred to National Recovery Agency. In February, National Recovery Agency will contact delinquent perxonal tax payers with payment information.

Procedure for the Payment of Delinquent  2011 Real Property Tax

  • The Unpaid County, Municipal, and School Real Property taxes are turned over to the Tax Claim Bureau in January 2012 and will be available to pay at the Tax Claim Bureau after February 1, 2012. 
  • Costs and penalties have been added to the taxes but not interest. 
  • The Dauphin County Commissioners and all Taxing Authorities have granted an interest-free grace period for all 2011 delinquent taxes.  If the tax is paid before April 1, 2012 no interest will be added.
  • All property owners with unpaid 2011 taxes will receive a letter from the Tax Claim Bureau the week of February 13.   The letter will explain the interest-free grace period and provide the amount due. 
  • Property owners can make payments on 2011 delinquent tax in any amounts until June 30, 2013.  To avoid the property being offered for sale at the 2013 Upset Tax Sale, any remaining 2011 and prior tax balance must be paid in full by September 2013.   No special arrangements are necessary to make these payments.  Interest will accrue monthly on any unpaid balance at the rate of ¾% per month.
  • If taxes levied prior to 2011 are in arrears those taxes must be paid in full before any 2011 taxes.